Roughly 41 million residents of the United States speak Spanish and they have been an integral part of Spectrum’s success. Over time, spectrum has designed services especially for Latino customers and Spectrum Latino view is one of them. It provides HD and premium Spanish language channels from Mexico, Latin America and Spain.

What is included

Spanish services include Telemundo, CiniLatino and lot more. You get to choose the number of channels by selecting the bundle i.e Mi Plan Latino, MI Plan Latino Silver and MI Plan Latino Gold. Prices of plans vary with the number of channels in it but they still remain affordable and the price difference isn’t significant.


Mi Plan Latino Select

Spectrum MI Plan Latino includes 75+ Spanish language channels along with uncapped internet with a speed of up to 100Mbps and unlimited calling. There are hundreds of on-demand choices and you can stream TV live on spectrum app on your smart TVs and phones. You can get this plan at $69.97/mo.

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Mi Plan Latino Silver

This includes all the great channels of Latino Select with an addition of premium channels such as HBO and showtime. It comes at an astonishingly low price of $89.97/mo.


Mi Plan Latino Gold

In addition to all the Latino silver channels and services, it comes with Starz & StarzEncore and overall 240+ channels. Its monthly price is $109.97


Why Latino View

Well, there are a lot of reasons you should opt for Latino View. Some of them are:

Premium features

Latino View TV plans include premium features like hundreds of on-demand choices and free TV streaming on Smart TVs and Smartphones. All you have to do is to download spectrum app and you’re ready to make your phone a TV for spectrum channels.


Unlimited calling and Uncapped Data

Latino view, with its premium and second-to-none optimum bundles for TV, includes a bonus of uncapped data and unlimited calling. You have unlimited calling access nationwide and to Canada, Mexico, Puerto Rico and U.S Virgin Islands. Phone services also have features like call blocking service and multiple calling options.


No Paperwork

Yeah, we do mention it a lot and it’s worth it. We want you to be with spectrum on your choice and not by any paperwork. We will not bind you in any paperwork and you can call it a day whenever you feel like it. Since there will be no contract in ist place, there will be no contract termination charges.


Free internet modem & Unbreachable Online Security

Spectrum optimum phone and internet services come with a preinstalled security suite and it ensures that you have impeccable browser security. You also get a free internet modem so you do not have to pay extra for a wifi router.


4/7 Efficient and Coherent Customer Service

We have a group of well-versed and smart customer care agents who are just a call away from you. Any query, problem, question? Pick up your phone and give us a call.



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